Color, Beauty, Land

I keep thinking about this photo, can’t get it off my mind. So you know, when I was three years old, I was given the great job of watering the plants. Unsupervised. I don’t know what my mom was thinking because she generally watched me very closely. But not watering the plants in the greenhouse. Probably because she thought, “‘what could she possibly get into out there by herself?” Well, I did. I drank out of that watering can weekly for six months. I loved that beautiful yellow watering can with the long spout. I’d water the plants, I’d water me. Yes sir, I drank out of the watering can for six months. And when the water was the magnificent turquoise (Miracle Grow at its best) I drank a whole lot of it. What did I know? What I knew was that yellow watering can was wonderful and I was fascinated with color, so much so that I wanted to be imbued with this magical color that I drank it. And even at this age, (53), I have to steel myself to not want to gluttonously down other beautiful non-edible objects (like lipstick and sparkly eyeshadows). I don’t have pica, I’m not interested in eating these things because I crave the minerals or other such things, I simply want to be imbued in the color.

So I love this picture because it is full of color from above. Thousands of tulips in rows, full of luscious color. And if I let myself go there, I dream of being able to absorb all that color into my body and being! xoxox